Happy Thanksgiving, Boston!

The bus was really uncomfortable, I had two layers on and my backpack on my lap. I dozed on and off until I woke up to the my destination, Boston<3. I love seeing the Chinatown gate as soon as I exit the door of the bus station! I feel like I am just returning home to Boston from NYC (Am I saying that I want to move to Boston? hmmm).15175353_10154106906243034_2144455980_nI was getting hungry and I wanted to go somewhere close and somewhat familiar to eat. Here I was, at the Empire Garden restaurant. This location was one of the places I found to have a very interesting background. Before the dim sum restaurant was replaced it was a high ceiling of an abandoned old-fashioned movie theater. The dim sum here was OK, and I like coming here because there aren’t as much people as other dim sum restaurants. Okay, bathroom tip: walk up the streets and make a right into the bathroom. If a serve stops you, say you’re looking for your family or friends.

📍 Empire Garden Dim Sum
690 Washington Street
Boston, MA 02111

15226362_10154106906048034_1817174402_nYup, I love the fact that they give you hot chili oil sauce. 15207923_10154106906228034_1179499077_nYes, I have walked all over down Boston and the neighboring towns. 15175398_10154106906163034_226749437_n2:38pm. I’m getting cold just by sitting here on the stoop of my airbnb brownstone. I’m early so here I am, on my laptop writing. Walking here was really quiet since most of the local businesses were closed. There were a couple of dog walkers enjoying the company of other dogs in the park. The best part of walking down Washington street is seeing the merging little streets of residential brownstones. There is a scent of burning woods which really reminds me of Upstate New York. photo-on-11-24-16-at-2-50-pm-2Okay, I unlocked the box, got my keys, went into the building, open the door and check out my airbnb spot! I really really really like bedroom! It’s a small room with the bed fit right in the middle of it. The pillows are so comfortable like the one in the hotel! (Can I just lock myself in the room forever? And not worry about life outside of this cute room?)15207968_10154106906133034_1290728745_nThis is the living room, small but simple. The couch is really comfortable.15175522_10154106906128034_1391268350_nI do take pride in picture like this one that I took. I am being comfortable, I am comfortable in someone’s else bed. I feel (Yeah, my own bed is not really comfortable. It has dog hair on it and my bed is more like a communal bed). I always wanted my own bedroom, and this airbnb space gives me the bedroom as my own for four days. I was tired so I took a nap. By the time I woke up, it was really dark. I woke up feeling a little sad and lonely but I know I need to eat first and maybe I’ll feel better.15207853_10154106906063034_91726567_nI walked around Chinatown and decided to go to China King. I ordered a rice cake with pickled veggies with a side of white rice. It was pretty good, yeah, I added vinegar and black pepper with it. While I was eating I called my mom to see what she was up to. She just got home and was getting ready for hot pot!15211790_10154106906173034_1018109987_n-1📍 Downtown Crossing
– I really like this street. I feel enclosed and safe walking down this street. 15175609_10154106906168034_832494773_n15240116_10154106906013034_1092240270_nAhhh, I saw this across the street on Tremont. It smelled so nice!! Christmas tree and wreath. I literally stood in front of the gate, closed my eyes and smell in all the scent. (It’s true when people say sometimes the best thing is felt with your eyes closed). 15209059_10154106901223034_570791764_nNice lighting. 15209174_10154106906158034_1941212870_n-1The roommate came back from work. He seems pretty cool, talked to me for a bit, cooked some food, shower and went to sleep. I know I am tired, so, good night everyone! 15228111_10154107081843034_878073741_n.jpg


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