Black Friday crowd.

I can never get tired of walking pass the brownstone houses. I just need to be in one of them, like this picture I took!15227930_10154109462878034_1109563258_n

I love the way the residents decorated their front building. The gentle berry trees were wrapped around with colorful lights. 15208024_10154109462868034_531591515_n15226408_10154109462903034_940949911_n-1

It’s quite a long walk from my Airbnb stay. When I see this cross street I know I am near downtown, finally! It’s pretty cool to see the skyscraper’s skyline. 15211770_10154109462928034_128166539_n

Not wanting to eat my first meal of the day yet, so I walked into DoubleTree and asked for a cookie. The front desk receptionist gave me two cookies, but I only wanted one. The cookie in the bag was so warm! I was a little disappointed because the cookie was warm but it hard to eat. (I remember coming here for my Christmas vacation with KC). Alright, off I go…munching on the cookie as I walk pass people into downtown.







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