Meetup groups, Boston Common, Beacon Hill.

I never thought I would feel relaxed after watching a movie online. I rarely watch movies because I think it’s a waste of time and that I could do something more productive. I was laughing at a couple of scenes in “The Secret Life of Pets” –

“They say everyone is going to Brooklyn,” Snowball’s porcine friend exclaims as the pair cross the East River in search of Max and Duke. “I’m not talking about hipster real estate trends,” Snowball deadpans. (source: nytimes).

I fell asleep shortly after Thomas came back. (I felt less alone when he finally came back into the apt. It’s a nice safe feeling knowing that I can sleep when he’s in the apt). This bed is really comfortable, it’s like the bed is made to swallow you up as soon as you lay on it. I must’ve been real exhausted, which I was, because I closed my eyes and opened them up to the sun peeking through the window curtains. I got up a little after 9:30am, dressed up and called my Uber to my first Meetup group of the day!

Back at Quincy Market, I walked up the stairs and found a small table of three in a corner. Yup, it’s the Bible study group! They all had their bibles out and Dan was kind enough to lend me his phone to read the Bible Proverbs on it. I took notes on each of the verses.

The Proverbs were interesting to read because it sort of requires you to read between the line to decipher the message what God is trying to say. They are guides from God for his believers to live by. It was a great discussion, mostly between the three of them. This was really new to me so I took as much notes as I can as I listened to the discussion.


On to my second Meetup group, Hot Pot all you can eat buffet/ Introverted Explorers. I think there were 15 of us and 4 on each table. (omg, so many people). The guy that sat in front of me was Scott and next to him was, shit, I forgot his name, but he moved to Boston from NJ in June. The girl next to me was Ru and she moved to Boston from Tampa, Florida. I briefly introduced myself to the host of the Meetup group, Wei. (Yeah, we weren’t talking much and I just wished someone would do all the talking. This was getting awkward).

After the hot pot, we went to Great Taste Bakery for some desserts and drinks. It was getting cold and people decided to leave. (I was mad at myself for not asking for Ru’s phone number – I mean, she is a great person to keep in touch with. She just moved here, her network of friends here in Boston is not a lot, and I feel like it’s easier to get to know her – Which by the way, I just checked my Meetup account and Ru sent me a message! She gave me her number if I want to connect with her. YESSS! another contact in Boston!!!) *tears in my eyes* *happy tears*


Since there were still daylight I decided to walk through the Boston Common to Beacon Hill. I could see myself just sitting on a bench in Boston Common and just zone out. So, Boston Common is similar to Central Park. It’s very calming to see nature with playful elements-people strolling around, dogs chasing other dogs, people laying on the grass…(Can I not leave?)



Acorn street, one of the last true cobblestoned streets! 15227876_10154111581013034_1190738125_n15218407_10154111580913034_548579314_n15226441_10154111581103034_423834151_n



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