Monday…back here.

Here I am, sitting at my desk trying to finish up my page on coming back from Boston. I sat on one of the front row seats, it had some space for my legs and Trader Joe’s bag (I was so surprised that Donna gave me a snacks to have on my bus ride. She was really nice and thoughtful (I actually got hungry in the bus so the snacks really came in handy!). I still have the snacks at home. When I got home my mom already re-heated leftover food from hot pot. There were tofu, fatty beefs and a good small pot of mushrooms! It was really warm to have my mom prepared food for me after coming home from my vacation. 15300560_10154116574673034_1309569936_n

So, every time I visit a new place I try to look for a unique, “cool” souvenirs. Just like the ring I got when I was in San Diego, California. So from top to bottom: On black friday, I went to Downtown Crossing to help my mom buy her favorite cashmere long sleeve sweater at Macy’s. Turned out that my sister already got the sweater for her. Fair enough, so I stayed around and looked for some deals for myself. Omg, there were long sleeve shirts on black cats on them! Yes, those will be my ugly Christmas shirts! I eventually left the store to check out Primark. There weren’t much appealing stuff so I just got the tote bag. I then spent part of my afternoon at the crowded Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market. I walked into the small Victoria Secret store looking to buy one of perfumes that was on sale. One of the sales promoted a free tote bag comes along with a $75.00 purchase. I got suckered in!

  • Victoria Secret Bombshell
  • XO Victoria Secret
  • 5 Rollerballs of Bombshell (such a deal, original price was $18.00)
    • Free tote bag
    • Free Blush fragrance mist, coconut scented body lotion (yuck), rollerball of Blush, and a lip gloss.
  • Free I ❤️ PRIMARK tote bag (it actually came in handle. My left shoulder was really sore from carrying my backpack, so I switched to the tote bag I felt so much better.
  • Free KIND bar (She was giving away free KIND bar in the middle of the crowd across from North Market. I was having a hard time putting some catalogs into the side of my bag. I asked if she can just put in the side for me. Which she did and I said thank you for being kind. hahaha.



I really enjoyed my stay in Boston. I enjoyed my quiet time spent in the Airbnb apt- bedroom. The quietness that I can never fully get when I’m at home. The window view was just soothing to see, the buildings were aligned where I can oversee a lot of the rooftops. The couch was an extra plus, I haven’t sat in one for so long. I experienced what it was like to hangout with people from the Meetup groups. It felt normal as if I’m going to Meetup groups back at home. I can never get enough of Boston.



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