Sometimes the only way to stay sane is to go a little crazy.

So, I really wanted to write this down before I forget. After one hour of assisting a client, and in between talking about her employment…she made me went, “hmmph.” She had years of experience in the fashion industry, and probably met all kinds of people. What strike me the most was when she said her work doesn’t help people. It may look like it does, but it doesn’t. I didn’t expect her to say that because she’s passionate about her work, about creating (Why would she say that?). Of all the people she met through work and socialite events, she find them to be very self-important, self-centered and shadowed (Was she really saying that? Wow). As I walked her out, I asked what kind of job she was looking for. She said, the same job (wait, what?). I frowned my eyebrows because of what she said about her job. I asked her why? She said she volunteers outside of work and that will balance it out. I then asked her to clarify even more, she said, that she can deal with fake shadowed people at work and help people through volunteer work, balance my work and life.

Why would someone like her wants to volunteer because of the kind of people she deals with? I really wish I can talk to someone about it so I can find some guidance to answer my question. I guess she wants to count her blessing by actually helping people.

Another client who I saw went through an unexpected turn in life. After losing her love ones, she decided to take on a wild trip across the States. She left everyone behind, brought a Hardly and drove away. She seemed content in her 60’s. I felt like too sometimes. It is when you decided that you had enough of what’s going on and you just want to drop everything and leave. I had moments like that before. Quit my job, cry as I walk home, pack few clothes, buy the next train or plane ticket to a great friend of mine in Buffalo. I even told him about this unexpected stay. I see myself lounging around his living room for a few weeks into months. From then on, I see myself just morphed into a complete dysfunctional misery piece of rotten couch potato. I just want him to save me, to lift me up when I feel like giving up. We laughed about it (haha…?).



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