Massage, Hand pulled noodles, no work weekend!

What a relaxing weekend. The feeling of waking up naturally without using the alarm and knowing not having to work is…simply relaxing. I curled and turned around even more in my bed without worrying about snoozing the alarm. My typical morning routine is the combined anxiety of not wanting to wake up, continuing to bury under the warm blanket and falling back into sleep while listening to the background noise, to pick up the next snooze alarm and not wanting to be late for work. It was around 10am that my body just can’t sleep no more. The sun was beaming in from my window, and the outside buildings look like they are glowing from the its’ reflection. My back was very sore (when I was moving my back it feels like pushing two stones against one another, the feeling and sound of being crushed against heaviness). I thought of the masseuse (Eric? tall, skinny guy with glasses) at a Massage place in Chinatown.

I put on my leggings, t-shirt (yes, i went out braless and it feels so good without it and plus, I still have to take off when I get there. My winter jacket will bundle me up like a cocoon) and my sparkly shoes.  I walked pass one of the guys (they look like those triad’s men guarding the entrance and monitor foot traffic. yeah, they have one of those small chunky tv with all four camera sitting by the front desk) and the front desk lay took me to the room. The masseuse’s name was Joe, he came in and asked where I am hurting today. I already had my head on the hole so I just use my right hand and point to my left shoulder and lower back. Maybe because my back is really sore his first initial warm up felt tissue brushing my back, it felt like NOTHING! I told him to push harder, press harder, a little more harder, just hardddeeerrr! I started to feel pain but it’s a good pain, he’s using his elbow and finger point on the right knotted spots (uhhh, hmm, urghhh). There were two spots on my lower back that he worked on made me clinched my fists and buried my head even deeper into the hole. That was just plain painful. I think I feel asleep for like 1 second then I heard another’s guy voice and he took over Joe for the last 5 or 10 minutes.

The massage bed is just as it is; one pillow log for foot rest, the head rest hole, tissue paper-looking bed covers, and a white towel to cover your bare back. Just the room itself, your arms will touch and push the surrounding curtains to feel just a little comfortable to walk within the bed.

My knots are loosen up and my back can breathe a little more than before when I woke up. I gave Joe a good tip and in hope that he will continue to remember me (please, MORE HARD PRESSURE AND ELBOW MY SORE BACK!!!).


📍 Zu Yuan Spa Inc.
 48 Mott St, New York, NY 10013
(212) 587-8881
Friday, Saturday and Sunday- 9:30am to 10pm
Monday to Friday – 10am to 10pm

I got hungry and I was thinking of getting a nice warm bowl of hand pulled noodles. The first time I came here was after my interview at Apicha. The unprepared interviewed made me left angry and disappointed. I actually like the noodles, flavorful and they actually give you a good chunk of noodles. The service is 😒 – they rush you to get seated, get your order and they even handed me a check when I was no where done with my noodles! I get it, if you don’t get it then here: it’s a typical local Asian eatery, there’s not focus point on “good service.” You go in, sit, order your food, eat, pay your check and leave. No hard feelings for me, I’ll still come back either way.

I sat at a cornered table by the window (isn’t it’s a perfect spot for an introverted person?! 😋). I get the whole table for myself and don’t have to share the hot sauce, vinegar, dumpling sauce…you know what I’m saying? 15319332_10154132739448034_1307094894_n

📍 Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles 
1 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013
(212) 791-1817
EVERYDAY 10:am to 10:30pm

I ordered a chicken dumpling noodle soup. I really like the dumpling, they are filled with chicken to the max. The broth is NOT salty, well balanced with the noodles, veggies and dumpling (I, of course, made the broth salty by adding my favorites – vinegar and hot sauce – no chill!).





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