finding happiness in gift giving (I like to receive gifts that I want too!)

My last Friday night was well spent in the cozy dimmed light eatery, The Prince Tea House. We sat at a long table to the left of entrance. I didn’t feel like talking and that was because I was just feeling really tired. I was hungry, so I ate my Fried fish sandwich while they were talking. I never imagined sitting down with a group of friends and just hangout like that. I really do embrace moments like that whenever I can. They are considered to be a group of close friends. We go to clubs, have dinner and meet up whenever we can. I hope everyone in the group is here to stay…because I am.

Oh shit, my stomach was hurting and I did the most nerve wrecking thing ever. Shit, speed-shit in a restaurant. I hate that feeling of not sitting on the toilet bowl, forcing to squeeze everything out in a short amount of time. Why? because I don’t want the next person to knock on the door. I get scared all the damn time when they do it! The next worst part is walk out the door and for them to know I took a shit. (Hey, if there are no air freshener, squeeze some handsoap into the toilet as your flush the water. The handsoap will foam bubbles and release its’ scent in the surrounding water of the toilet. It doesn’t make the bathroom smell like a rose garden but at least it takes some of the poop smell away!).


My Saturday evening was eventful. It was such a relief when Katherine texted me that she’s done with the doc and that I received my long awaited package from Macys! (Thank you, mom for staying at home for me when I was waiting for the mail!) We met up in Chinatown and went to 34th street. We went into Tony Moly for her shopping. The store itself has so many light-up displays filled with cute designed products. Next stop was Manhattan Mall, we walked into the corner store that has $10 deals. I was looking at a shirt then I turned around when someone forcefully pushed me. This dried ass Wendy William face looking rat said she pushed me because I pushed her. I apologized to her that I didn’t know that I accidentally pushed her. She then raised her eyebrows and said sorry for pushing me. I collected myself and said, first, I didn’t know I accidentally pushed her and I apologized. This dumb bitch said, “well, I pushed you because you pushed me.” (What are you, 5 years old? A kid mentally in an older adult woman body?) I said she could have tapped me on my shoulder and tell me that I pushed her. She wasn’t reasoning with me. Katherine said we should go. I just held my breath in and said God bless her, which she repeated the same words back at me. I had it, I gave my middle finger back at her and told her, “fuck you.” (I really can’t stand ghetto-ness anymore. It disgust me) *roll eyes*

God, bitches like her made me used up all my energy. I just wanted to go at her. Thank god for Katherine, such a calming and friendly presence provided me so much comfort and as a distraction. We then took the elevator to the second floor and walked into Toys R Us. Wow, I don’t know anything about kids and toys (I don’t even want to think of the idea buying kids toys). We went to Uniqlo, and yes, we ended up buying heat-tech clothes for ourselves. haha. If it wasn’t for her I’ll most likely to walk pass the store and not buy the leggings at all (I actually like the leggings, it’s designed to give warm to the legs and it’s fashionable too!). Our last shopping stop was at LUSH. LUSH is overwhelmed with colorful hand and body soaps and the forever mixture of the scents in all particle of the store. It was pretty playful when the staff demonstrated a bath bomb show. The blue bath bomb looked pretty cool, I thought it would be much cooler if it had a darker shade of blue. Me and Katherine walked away and walked into a section of the wall looking at the wrapped gifts. I reached into a box to touch a soap bar and the whole thing fell into the floor! (It’s okay, the product itself is really cheaply made…) lol.

I walked her to her train station, we said our goodbyes and I shopped around more. omg, I can’t stand shopping at H&M. The music is so booming loud and lights are very bright. I can’t shop like that, I left. I ended up buying a ton of good stuff at Jack’s World. I am set with the gift for CATS! Oh, I got something cute for Katherine and I hope she will like it!

You know I used to like giving gifts to people (now, you’re wondering, well what happened?). I get this fuzzy, creative-inspiring feeling from thinking of what to get, to actually getting the stuff and finding cute ways to design the wrapping and writing the cards. I always tried to get gifts that match the receiver’s personality, like gifts that they will actually like to use. Yes, I was one of those gift giver who likes to wrap perfectly and l leave no trace of tape behind, and put ribbon or statement bows on it. So..what happened? It really hurt me to see my gift receivers throw around the beautiful bow or ribbon. I feel that my effort is wasted (and MY MONEY too). Second, I feel like the gifts I receive are not really what I wanted. (The two of the worst received gift I had was a Checker board game and a birthday card with nothing written in it. UM, HELLO, can you at least sign your name?? but it doesn’t matter, I don’t talk to him anymore. He was something else.). I just gave up on buying gifts…or “making gifts.” A part of me still want to keep this tradition of mine alive…somewhere…with some selective people. A part of me, want to bring back what makes me HAPPY especially during this time of the year (yeah, I sure do feel lonely) From this year on forward, here’s what I’m going to do for Christmas:

  • handpick selected gift for people
  • write a heartfelt card to the receiver
  • take a picture of the nicely wrapped gift (at least I get to keep the whole picture of the wrapped gift because it is send off)
  • understand that I have no control of what the receiver does with the gift. Understand and accept that once my gift is handed to the receiver it is the receiver decides what to do with it. throw the card away or re-gift it to someone else, I don’t care.
  • ask the receive if they like the gift, more like follow-up with them.

the point of this blog? 😉


INTPs enjoy gifts that are complex, cutting-edge and thought-provoking. This holiday season, pick them up something that gets them thinking – to the INTP, a good idea always trumps a holiday sweater.


The first thing that’s pretty obvious with an INTP and gifts is that they will very often keep a list of stuff they want. I have been doing this sort of thing since I was 4 or 5. Its generally pretty well thought out and it will always give a list which includes details like pricing and is often ordered by the level of want. As a kid this behaviour works well but as you get older you realise its a bit of a faux pas and you tend to favour keeping an internal list rather than writing it out. It should be noted that while an INTP loves to think about what they want to get…. they don’t always act on that. Thinking about getting stuff is, and this probably sounds strange, more interesting than actually getting stuff.


  • INTP…like myself…
    •  INTP loves to think about what they want to get…. they don’t always act on that. Thinking about getting stuff is, and this probably sounds strange, more interesting than actually getting stuff.
  • Very true, well for me, I like to think about what I want to get and more interesting to find out if anyone actually buys it for!
    • Doubletree Hotel Cookies
    • Duck/Down feathered pillow (yes, like the hotel pillows, super comfortable and cool).
    • Money for Boston trips
    • Surprised me by letting me pet a Doberman dog!
    • Take me to Raw Material for the oozing cheese bun burger!
    • Reserve two nights at a nice hotel

(Just creating this short lists of gift I like to receives excites me so much!)







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