gift from Bali, motivational work, and gym…finally!

Sitting at my table writing this blog. The window is cracked open just enough for steady bliss of wind blowing in against my elbow. Finally get to be home and not do anything work related. It felt good to be the gym after so many months of avoiding the necessary work out. Had a dinner with a co-worker and I really enjoyed it (I feel like I have a life! I talked to a person outside of work). Yeah, I ate half a slice of the free pizza (the sauce tasted just like those jarred spaghetti sauce). Guess you can say it’s counter productive. Another great news is that my order of Tarte Amazonian Clay finally arrived and my sistered received it for me!

I have tried the mainstream skincare brands like Clinique and Garnier. Maybe I overthink the results of trying those skincare brands, but I felt like my face couldn’t breath at all. Maybe I skipped a few steps? toner? base? what the hell is that? Even basic makeup with foundation requires an order of routine. So, how did I found out about Tarte? I know I sound ridiculous but I actually went into Sephora and asked about Vegan or Organic foundation! A sales girl gave me a few options and then took me to a makeup artist to get my face tone checked. It was an older heavy guy who did the face ID for me. He held a device that looked like a cash register scanner to my face and it matched my tone as light-medium honey (hmm. okay *shrug shoulder*). It’s quite expensive for just one tube which costs around $40.00. Best decision ever! My face can breath even with the layers of Tarte Amazonian clay foundation. Another plus to this is that I look natural with this foundation. Oh one last plus, I promise, it is cruelty free and has SPF 15 sunscreen!

  • The Tarte Amazonian Clay was on sale during Black Friday for $25.00 each through .


I got a little sidetracked from talking about my awesome foundation! I wanted to say thank you for my co-worker friend, Dayci, for a small beautiful cute pouch that she got from Bali. I left it at the office but I will share it as a picture tomorrow 🙂 Before I log off for the night, I just want to share something…

I have this unexplainable feeling that 2017 is going to be a worse year for me. Again, maybe i’m overthinking… I accidentally made a box of LUSH products fell on the floor. One of the products broke. This morning at work, I dropped the mac charger and one of the pieces broke. Let see, I broke something else too. Definitely not a good sign…🤔




Okay, I shouldn’t end this blog with worries…I should say something motivational like, my boss! It’s really great and a blessing to have a great boss. Someone who cares about their employees, who values their being as a human, with respect and understanding. Given the dual responsibilities of my position, sometimes I feel like I’m in a good place. I think I was much happier two years ago. My job mold me into another person that I never really thought of being. I’d say that I am more work oriented and can provide some jokes here and there to great a better flow between my work and co-workers. I still have that serious face tho. haha.





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