unfolding the dried petals.

I’m hungry. Sitting at the table with three dishes of warm food aside of me. A plate of spicy wood ear, chopped chicken, and duck wings. I was going to just eat the five dumplings I made from yesterday. Mom made additional dishes so, why not? (The damn dumplings are so hot to eat!). I am little full but not satisfied. In my mind, I want a Arugula salad with dried cranberries (Mom got a big bag of Ocean Spray, wait, what? It’s a big bag of Ocean Spray Raisins…). The one hour at the gym wasn’t enough, I wasn’t running enough. It’s really boring on the treadmill unless I am texting or watching tv. Actually, it’s boring too doing those things. I think if I am in a better mood then my overall energy would spike up with longer endurance and be less distracted.

I’m tired…nothing much happened today.


I really hate seeing nice flowers just sitting in the vase drying up. The outer layers of petals are dried up but the inner layer are still fresh! I unfold all the inner layers of petals making the whole bud a lot bigger. See! the whole flowers look a lot more full and vibrant  in the vase. (yeah, I did this in the women’s bathroom. planet fitness.). 🤗15319552_10154139181038034_1984520522_n.jpg


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