” You’re different. Sooner or later the difference scares people. “

Saturday. This post is about my Saturday. Another weekend of no work Saturday. It’s been so long since I’ve waken up in bed with no where to rush to. Then again, I know I should be doing something. I felt overwhelmed just looking at bills I have to pay and shoes that I have to return (maybe I should go to the gym. I need to work out) I had to keep myself calm and just do it. I changed into my workout clothes, put on my green winter jacket and shoes and out the door. I took the same route to work and I kinda hate it. lol. Yes, hate it. Got to the gym and no one was pretty much there. I chose a treadmill towards the corner. I hit the speed button to 3.0 as I press the channel button to find something to watch. The history channel, ancient civilization and theories on higher intelligent beings – seemed pretty mysteriously interesting. It talked about how the “aliens”or Gods made humans on earth to work as slaves. One of the God’s follower procreated with a human and made superhuman. Other theorists say the higher being then created an empire with skilled village of people ruled under them. The Mayans and another group of village people, seemed as if everyone just dropped everything and vanished on earth. I even sounded crazy just by watching it. I mean there are some things that are unexplainable. If you ask me, I’d say I believe there is something out there. Tired running on the treadmill. I hopped onto another machine and watched an episode of NCIS. Omg, the plot was pretty cool. This former Marine was married before he disappeared to live in another identity and married another woman. The two women showed up to the hospital and verbal brawl kicked in. Turned out that the first wife developed a relationship with the Major who was involved with former Marine’s case. The cast was witty, funny and caring. I run a bit more and then decided to leave.

I want to eat healthy. I was around work area so I walked into Gourmet Garage for food. I was truly happy to see food samples! CHEESE. I can’t say I love it, but I appreciate the smooth melting texture in my mouth as the flavors spread around.


I finally get to watch, “The Accountant.” Christian has Autism and his father taught him with a military mindset so he can be protected as he lives as a normal person in society. He appears to be a typical CPA but his clients are very dangerous people. When his former co-worker was in danger he risked his identity being exposed but determined to save her – which he did. Towards the end, he met his brother face to face after killing off all the security guards. The feeling I had of Christian throughout the whole entire film was sympathy. I feel sorry for him. I also wanted to be like him. Makes good money, isolate himself from everyone else, has a house, a safe house in a storage place. This movie  is going to linger in my mind for awhile.15491494_10154155909068034_887907629_o


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