Here, I am sitting on my hotel bed going to write my first blog to capture my arrival in Boston 🙂 I have my robe on and it feels comfortable to be in it. It’s 2:52am and I need to make this blog a quick one!



After 4 hours of bus ride, I arrived at Boston. It feels so natural just walking through the bus terminal into the streets of Chinatown (I know where I am going). I checked on my google maps and see that it will take me 30 minutes to walk to my hotel. Good thing that Uber is not expensive here. I looked up for the ride from 115 Chauncey street to Kimpton Onyx hotel, $2.75!!! (that’s like a single MTA ride). Amazing, waited for 2 minutes and arrived my Uber driver, Mohammad. It was a pleasant ride, yes, with the window down. He moved from Somerville to South End and I said I was jealous of his move in the neighborhood. Beautiful brownstones in South End, that’s the sum of the beauty in that neighborhood.
I walked through the doors of the hotel into a quiet lobby. I was welcomed by the scent in the lobby which reminded me of Active Aroma, an brand of a lotion as a amenity at DoubleTree hotel. Very calming. I checked in with a friendly female staff and she provided me the keys. The hotel room is pretty decent, it has two beds, flat screen tv, table, a spacious bathroom and window view of the other side of the hotel. Oh yeah, I sat on my bed next to the pillow that says, Wicked Smaht.

Hungry, me and my friend decided to take an Uber to Chinatown. Omg, the Uber driver, Trina, was like a mad New York driver. Yes, she was in a rush and verbal expressing the annoyance she has with traffic problems. Wow, anyways, she dropped us off at Chinatown. She was my first road rage angry Uber driver in Boston. I really hope I don’t get to meet another driver like her.

My friend and I walked into

📍 Gourmet China House
55 Beach St, Boston, MA 02111
📌 the bathroom smells sweet, doesn’t smells like piss at all.


We didn’t order much, only had three dishes. The first dish was small dragon bun. I never tried it in Boston so I ordered it at the restaurant. Not bad. small-dragon-dumplings

Close up of the small dragon buns.close-up-of-small-dumpling

Next dish, fried stinky tofu! It was alright, wasn’t stinky compared to the one in a Taiwanese restaurant in Chinatown. stinky-tofu

Found a picture with a rainbow reflected on the screen from the light. I thought it was cool, so here it is:15713232_10154200594968034_387730303_n

After dinner, we decided to walk back to the hotel. I came across this street name, Friend St. (Awww) I need to friendly with this street pole!15731678_10154200594238034_110744981_n.
Alright, my last picture of the night. Me in my robe and finishing up my post. I want to say that I am happy that I am in my favorite city, Boston. I’m excited to see what to do tomorrow because it is Christmas!15712968_10154200594138034_188442073_n

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!



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