Queso Tacos before and foot spa after.

Guess what I am doing. Eating take-out tacos from a taco joint somewhere inside of Chelsea Market. I still took a picture of the tacos before I munch on them. This taco joint is located behind a ramen bar that is across from the Los Tacos No.1 Yeah, it required a zip zag way into the taco joint. Once you make it into the taco joint, you will see a small space with dimmed colored lights with three service counters, one of which as a small fish tank, and two tables surrounded by people’s chatters and Spanish music.

📍Los Mariscos
409 West 15th Street
New York, NY 10011
b/t 10th Ave & 9th Ave
Meatpacking District, Chelsea

They serve CORONA!!!

So here are the pictures of the tacos.
My friend and I went to Los Tacos No.1 for their Queso Tacos (what is exactly a queso taco?) so, the taco shell is made from cheese. It is best eaten when it’s fresh and hot. By the time I took a delicious bite out of it, the cheese taco shell was harden and a bit hard to fold the whole taco in half. when I bite into it, the rest of the taco dripped. My hand was covered by salsa mess. I’m glad I get to tried it. I walked by Los Tacos No.1 before, can’t believed it was there the whole time. Anyways, the taco were flavorful and I don’t mind going back there again.
Back at home.
My feet was hurting when I was walking home from hanging out with my friends. It felt like there were little pebbles under my feet inside of the shoes. I was thinking maybe I should treat my feet a little smooth and nice tonight. I looked at my blue sparkly bag and there were rose buds inside. I thought I should give myself a little foot spa! I took the typical Chinese red bath bucket, filled it with hot water. I then ripped open a bag of Chamomile tea bag, and dunk it in the hot water as I stirred it around by holding the attached string. I gently peeled three roses bud letting the rose petals hit the hot water. By the time all the rose petals clouded the water surface, I had my left foot out and dipped into the water with the toes first. I repeated the same step with my right foot. My foot looked whitening, but then again, they probably looked like that because they have been in the water for about 30 minutes. I don’t think my feet smell after all! (or it’s just that I can’t smell anything because my sinus is clogged).


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