quiet clubbing, love craft: recharge myself

Ever went dancing with your friends for hours and your lower back finally hurts? Not only my lower back hurts but I was also have hard time breathing. I stepped to the wall and just cool myself down. I took off my green lighted headphones and hear everyone else singing and tapping to their songs. Quiet clubbing was pretty fun, dancing to your kind of music that you wirelessly tune into by the switch on your headphone. Green was for EDM, up-beating music, red was for pop music and blue for hip hop and Spanish music. The dance floor is dark but the center stage grab all of dancer’s attention. The ceiling is decorated with white linen clothes and a disco place was placed in the center. The bottom floor is the bar and where the bathroom is only opened.


So that was my night with the girls. This morning I woke up to the rumbling noise of the garbage truck outside of my window. I grew up with the noise outside and that is how it accompany my morning waking routine. So much childhood memories. I needed today for myself. I needed to recharge myself. Alone. It is a good habit and I found a cool thing for myself to do today. I took myself to a pop store in soho called, Pop Up Nation/Lovecraft. 16706977_10154337328423034_2090057607_n

Here’s a bag of goodies that I got by the end of the pop up store. 16729845_10154337328633034_2085231657_n

So what’s in the goodies bag? a few good stuff! the tulips were given by one of the girls at the entrance. photobooth pictures! i wore a pair of white wings in the pictures, finally one thing accomplished on my wishlist! a tea sample of lemon gunpowder from Harneys and Son. I was going to walk pass the tea shop until I saw a tea flavor named, Boston. It made me curious so I went in. The minute I walked in the front area smelled like a dog store. ew. So I walked further in and I see a wall fully decorated by column and row of black tea boxes. The tea bar was surrounded by people sampling tea. Oh yeah, the last thing in the goodie bag is a sex toy 😉 16729640_10154337328603034_1710256012_n

This is inside of the complimentary white bag when I checked in at the pop up store’s reception desk. Dr.Jart+ mask, Lindt chocolates and discount cards for Sooth massage. Sweet stuff!16651803_10154337328608034_1997842815_n

Pretty simple and cool visual presentation of the tea bar. The aroma from the tea is a little different from the way it taste when it’s made. 16699947_10154337328438034_48996843_n16735926_10154337328548034_1958073673_n16736233_10154337328533034_1887370870_n


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