from JFK to HK

I am really nervous and excited for my trip to hong kong. Last night, I went out to Swie’s birthday gathering. It was a low-key night with his friends at Pioneer’s bar. On my way there, I saw a DoubleTree hotel so I did what I wanted to do. I went straight to the front desk and ask for a cookie. The pretty receptionist had her clover leaves head band on, and with her smiles, she gave me two cookies!


So damn good cookies! eat it while its warm and fresh!



Jenga fallen but…Happy Birthday Swie!

17392027_10154432971263034_903096036_n (1)

Anxiously waiting in line to check in. I got it.

17393115_10154432971088034_1451633011_n (1)

I made it through TSA. I look fine in the mirror. The bathroom stinks.

17409485_10154432970618034_827550014_n (1)

This is the most healthiest food I found in the airport. Grilled veggie sandwich – it got eggplants in it! Yes, I was eating and charging my phone at a charging dock station.

17409927_10154432971003034_282654795_n (1)

It has been years since the last time I saw an international plane up front. 



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