I want to become a regular here.

As I’m about to write my past Wednesday’s night, I really enjoy feeling comfortable laying on a sofa in a warm temperatured room at the Poconos.

I met up with a work friend for happy hours, which turned out to be a surprisingly great night – yes, because alcohol was involved.


We toasted to our soju mule, drank, talked about things that mattered. 


Sarah, the Bartender, wanted to practice her drink mixing…great for us, free drinks! By the time we slowly consumed our drinks to the end, the restaurant was already pumped by loud music. Damn, they play good music 🙌🏽.



Korean drumsticks, they were fried crispy outside and tender soft, eating them right off the bones. They were delightfully good that I ate 6 of them. 

He really like the spot, which explained why he wanted to become a regular there. I was surprised that I like it there too because it was a random find. The food was good, prompt and attentive services, and the small restaurant is packed with good vibe and jamming music. See you soon, The Whales aka Seoul Chicken!


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