PA, POCONOS the end of the weekend

Here are a few pictures of the weekend where I stayed with my group of friends in PA. I didn’t take as much as pictures as I thought, kinda of glad to just enjoy the live moments. For the past two mornings, I woke up early and walked out the house into the backyard. Yeah, it was really chilly but I loved being in the quiet morning of woods. The woods…is extremely quiet and only echoes by the wood peking’s pecks and the gentle flow of the wind. The slight breeze of burning woods or even the smell of campfire….I just love smelling it all in. I don’t even have an exact word to describe the total build up of emotions to be a in place like it.


A gentle lake by Split Rock Lodge.


You can’t really see the “P” and the “S”…but my shirt, from walmart, says POCONOS.


I got a slight shade of the sunlight on my face!

17886834_10154498796358034_1118065682_o (1)

Just us girls.


The woods in the ATV area.


My friend poured cranberry juice in a measuring glass cup. I swear, everyone in the house just got lazy as soon as we arrived. lol.


there you go, POCONOS.

I am glad this trip happened. It all happened when I was talking to Carmen about finding some things to do for the weekend. I suggested going away from the city, rent an airbnb somewhere and just get carry around from there. She looked around on airbnb and found a spot for us, Lake Harmony in PA. The house was definitely comfy, especially when the temperature is set right. I love how the poconos owner make a mat by the window for people to sit on and look out. I wished our activities are more planned out, but nonetheless, it was a great time away with friends.


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