eventbrite: Millennial Travel

It was a raining day and didn’t think I wanted to go. I sucked it up and went anyways, simply because I wanted to see what this revenue looks like. I arrived in at an ambiguous big wooden door. I followed people into the front desk, checked in the girl and directed to the 2nd floor for the event. It was dark throughout the whole building as if you had to find where you had to go to escape from the dark. I walked into a what looked like a open lounge with a swanky bar and red curtained small stage. I can’t believe the spot looked so comfortable. There were small tables with cute chairs next to the big windows. Even the short chair stool is covered with soft wool. There’s a nice small couch in front of the stage. I sat in the back roll and waited for the event to start.
here are some notes I took from the panel talk
-transformative journey/deep personal connection
-brand wants real story
-expat life
-multiple income
-to be a traveler, you have to be comfortable at being uncomfortable
-it’s also about the people you meet.


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